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Religious Respect

March 24, 2009

“Do not blaspheme the name by which another man knows his God.” ~ Traditional

It is not merely “tolerance” for the religions of others that is required on the spiritual path, as if those various religions are distasteful of themselves. It is instead a matter of learning about the world’s many religions and, in so doing, learning from them.

This is not merely a matter of courtesy; it is a matter of practical mysticism. Blaspheming any conception of divinity is blaspheming the Divine as a whole. If the basic dogma of mysticism (of all sorts) is true, and God is indeed found in all things, that means that God is found to one degree or another in all people, all philosophies, and all rituals. Of course it is a matter of degree, but most people are doing the best with the inner resources they have.

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