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March 28, 2009

“Now do you say that God is invisible? Be careful. Who is more manifest than He? He has made all things for this reason: that through them you should see Him.” ~ Corpus Hermeticum 11:22

This, of course, goes back to yesterday’s discussion. While remembering God’s transcendence is vital for maintaining a healthy understanding of the Divine, God’s immanence is the more important for our daily journey. There are many ways by which we may know God in our daily lives.

In the Christian tradition, we often say that there are two revelations: Scripture and Nature. In Zen Buddhism, Big Mind comes through the simple facts of existence as we experience them moment by moment. Various traditions the world over make the same assertions in their own language.

For anybody who has not experienced Divine glory in Nature, I can only suggest that you go out to a trail, mountain, park, beach or any other relatively natural setting in your area, find a comfortable spot, and just sit. Do not worry if other people are around, do not worry if children are playing. Just sit, watch, listen, feel, smell and enjoy without putting too much thought into it. As simple as this is, it can be one of the most regenerative spiritual practices you perform.

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